Manny Valenzuela


“Everyone has something to say; I just prefer to communicate with metal or paint."

Western abstract figures define the unique artwork of Manny Valenzuela. Whether he is working in three dimensions or two, these singular and iconic figures present visual metaphors which hold both personal and global meaning.

A dynamic Contemporary artist, Manny Valenzuela draws on historical influences as well as life experiences to inform his paintings and sculpture. When he paints it is in acrylic paint on canvas; his sculptures are of welded steel. The forms captured in both follow his penchant for elongated figures presented in a minimalist style which convey his intent with very little distraction. Bright colors and textures are characteristics of much of his work. The textures in his acrylic paintings often mirror his sculptural work.

"I mainly work with western figures because of the poetic lifestyle they [represent]. It appears simple yet contains a complexity that goes beyond what seems obvious,” Manny Valenzuela explains. “I love creating paintings that stir emotion. It's a great feeling to know you've touched someone's heart or put a smile on their face.”

His abstract sculptures and abstract paintings are inspired by his colorful heritage. "Many of my paintings are metaphors of personal relationships that convey a message using western influences,” Manny Valenzuela notes. “I love using my artwork to express that special bond between a parent and his/her kids.” Valenzuela’s canvases often capture lone figures as well, a western icon in itself. Often the form of a man in a wide-brimmed hat and the slim trouser legs of that bygone era or the suggested shape of a long duster caught in the wind. A row of “pistoleros” figure in one painting, a mother and child in another, a couple in love in yet another. 

Collectors have been known to purchase not only a painting but a steel sculpture of similar form to stand beside it; the painted figures now appear to come right off the canvas. Valenzuela’s work lends itself uniquely well to a decorator’s inspiration. 

A Contemporary touch coupled with Southwestern flavor – that is the artwork of Manny Valenzuela.