The Lister Family


The Lister Family, with Alice Lister and David Lister at the helm, is one of the most highly regarded families of Navajo jewelry makers working today. Their renowned pieces in turquoise and sterling silver represent meticulous traditional methods and both traditional and contemporary designs.  

Living on the vast Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona, David Lister and Alice Lister, both silversmiths, have practiced their artistry together for thirty-five years, passing their craft on to four of their daughters, including their youngest, Davida Lister, who lives and works with them and Dee Nez, who lives across the street and also works alongside her parents in the same workshop. It is land where David’s grandmother once lived and which now houses several homes, workshops, sheds and horses - and from which exquisite jewelry makes its way to eager and discerning collectors.

Each Lister creates their own pieces from start to finish, the only collaboration being some pieces which Alice Lister and David Lister create together, and each individual has their own distinctive style. Alice Lister puts a modern twist on traditional ideas and prefers to work with blue-green turquoise while David Lister also likes working with coral and tends to include stamp work. Dee Nez likes lots of color with the oranges of spiny oyster turning up alongside turquoise, blue lapis, green gaspeite or purple sugilite. Pieces by Davida Lister are defined by the depth and size of her stones and she enjoys collecting from a wide variety of mines. A third daughter, Clarissa Hale creates (with her husband, Vernon) pieces that express her love of detail work and of combining stones in a variety color.

All of the Listers' silver is hand-cast and all of their stones are of the highest quality, all natural and untreated. From necklaces, cuffs, earrings, buckles and bolo ties, the Lister family sets a high standard in the world of high-end Navajo jewelry.