Douglas Wodark


Doug Wodark spent the first ten years of his professional career in marketing before taking a one-year sabbatical to travel the world.  He returned a changed man, both personally and professionally. Determined to make what had been relegated as a hobby into a career, Doug Wodark began to paint in earnest.  

He has found expression in a vibrant, unique Southwestern style. The use of color by Doug Wodark  is classic; his technique and use of media is definitely his own. Figures portrayed are frequently in pairs or groups evoking the lifestyle of Native American warriors and the great American cowboy, subjects that provide endless inspiration to this artist. The rugged individualism of his subjects and an outlook that life is a great journey of adventure are themes Doug Wodark relates to and incorporates time and again with a palette rich in the strong colors of the southwest.  

His fascination with Native American subjects springs from a shared sense of values:  strong family ties, an innate value of all things in nature and a perception of life as a magical, adventurous journey.

With an economy of brushstrokes Doug Wodark gives the illusion of remarkably detailed representational scenes; he favors painting on wood panel to avoid the added texture a canvas would create. His particular gift is the unexpected effects of light captured within his canvases – paintings by Doug Wodark seem lit from within.  

Overwhelmingly, it is a passion for art that Doug Wodark captures on every canvas, the same passion that wakes him in the middle of the night determined to successfully capture the color and nuance of every vision.