Cody Hunter


A silversmith since 1994, Cody Hunter has worked his entire adult life to perfect his extraordinary skills.  From his home deep in the Navajo Reservation, near the mouth of the spectacular Canyon de Chelly, a site he frequents often, Hunter works to meticulously convey the iconography of his surroundings in sterling silver and 14k gold. He does no casting; each piece by Cody Hunter is entirely handmade.

The overlay techniques that Hunter uses require a very fine jewelers handsaw as he cuts figures out of sheet silver; ultimately 3-4 layers of sheet silver are brazed together to provide his three-dimensional effects. 14k gold is frequently added to the designs on the outside of his cuffs and pendants.

The most notable characteristic of Hunter’s jewelry is that designs appear on both the outside and inside of each piece. A traditional Navajo (Diné) belief is that, “If you judge someone from the outside you will miss their inner beauty.” A cuff by Cody Hunter may include traditional imagery such as a swirling infinity symbol; a hand print; a turtle, representing the earth; a sun ray; a moon beam; a cross, that represents the four directions; and other petroglyph designs. On the inside of the cuff there will appear representational imagery of Navajo life in Canyon de Chelly, in storyteller style: a traditional hogan dwelling, horses, shepherds, weavers and sheep, rabbits, cactus, and buttes. A secret scene for the wearer themselves to know and treasure.

The impeccable silversmithing skills and singular design sense of Cody Hunter have won him awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and he enjoys collectors throughout the United States.