Help Us Get to 100!!

We’ve just launched our new “Bryant Nagel Galleries” channel on YouTube! And loaded it up with all our favorite Artist Talks and Artist Tours from both of our recently merged galleries - and we plan to keep this channel populated with even more gallery videos and behind-the-scenes videos! You can go to YouTube and search for “Bryant Nagel Galleries” BUT, since YouTube rules have changed, we must have at least 100 subscribers before we can claim our desired custom url: … so, if you’d like to be able to reach us that way - or would just like us to have that lovely, easy-to-remember url to publish everywhere, HELP us get to 100!

Use the link here to reach our channel then just click on the subscribe button! Viola, you’ve helped!! And we thank you!!! And we promise to keep you entertained on our channel!

Thomas Nagel