Gorgeous Sedona in the Snow!

We’re open again! For two days of unpredictable and frequent road closures - and continuous heavy snows - our gallery had no choice but to remain closed. Sedona generally gets a few snowfalls each winter, which usually melt pretty quickly in the sunshine at this elevation … but this storm was different for sure!

With our gallery staff living in areas that experienced everything from a rare pocket of rain and mud only (!) to well over three feet (!) and with at least one snow-laden tree laying across SR89A in the canyon - closing that route, which is still closed - and Interstate 17 closed for long stretches of time … well, we hunkered down with everyone else and wisely stayed home.

Today our parking lots are all plowed and visitors are coming out to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and to visit our galleries again! Come join us!!

Thomas Nagelazsnow, sedonasnow