Welcome to the Brand New Website for Turquoise Tortoise!!

You’ll notice that we are still very much a work-in-progress – so please be patient – but we are incredibly excited that we will soon be offering you a shopping cart so that our devoted collectors across the country (and further afield), and all the new visitors to our site, can shop our gallery from the comfort of your homes, or cars, or wherever your smart device takes you! 

Until this feature is live, we believe we have most other kinks worked out but do let us know if you should have any issues at all and we will do our best to quickly address them.

In the next couple of months you should see not only the live shopping cart but also all of the artists' many artworks appear on their individual pages. And, if an Artist Bio is missing, it will have been added. In the meantime, enjoy a sampling of each artist’s works and feel free to give us a call (928.282.2262) or send an email (mail@TurquoiseTortoiseGallery.com) to inquire about additional pieces available from your favorite.

And we’d love your feedback too (be nice!) as our new website grows. Enjoy!

Thomas Nagel