Dimensions of Blue Bird Chant

Dimensions of Blue Bird Chant


oil on canvas

60” x 40”


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Swastika Symbols in Redwing Nez Paintings

The ancient swastika symbol has been identified as early as the late Paleolithic era some 15,000 years ago and since then has held prime spiritual importance for many cultures and religions around the world  ̶ holding various meanings rooted in goodness, auspiciousness and creation. The symbol appears throughout time in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. This same symbol appeared independently in several prehistoric Native American cultures; to the Navajo it has long represented the whirling log (tsil no'oli), a sacred image inspired by a particular legend and represented in sand paintings as part of The Night Chant religious ceremony. The four directions are embodied in the symbol with the legs added to each direction suggesting the wind or movement.