A Large Sterling Concho

A Large Sterling Concho


A large sterling concho with flower designs centers rows of honey colored hair pipe, paneled, rectangle, triangle, and fluted Navajo button spacers, with sprays of silver spears, and a dangle of fluted buttons ending with arrow point.

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In ancient Peruvian times, the mummy bundle was a unique method of burial. Mummified Indians were placed in prenatal positions, wrapped in layers of woven cloth and put into separate burlap like sacks which were beautifully decorated and topped with heads of wood or cloth. Each bundle was then placed in a tomb and buried along with possessions which characterize and were used in life by the deceased. 

Our own Mummy's Bundle seeks to give a "look of the past" not only by drawing from prehistoric and historic motifs created by various Indian cultures of North Central and South America, but also by incorporating the designs and themes of more immediate American past. We like to think that many of our pieces capture the spirit of artifacts found in archaeological digs in the Americas or in museums.